Through My Eyes, Photographs of Vermont

May 24th, 2010

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape
those who dream only by night.   -Edgar Allan Poe

Louis Pattis dreams by day. He envisions his dreams through the lens of a camera, recording moments of great beauty and unique light. Louis’ camera writes an unusual visual poetry. We have been featuring his work in the Liza Myers Gallery for the month of May. Louis named the show “Through My Eyes, Photographs of Vermont.”

World traveler, and long time Brandon resident, Louis Pattis began his photographer’s journey as a teenager. Growing up in Austria, Louis later lived for years in Africa, traversing the continent twice with a camera in hand. More recently he has spent months in the southwestern deserts honing his photographic processes and artistic perceptions. But these photographs welcome us into the way Louis sees Vermont, his home for the last 25 years.

In his own words:
“Vermont’s varied landscapes, and ever-changing weather conditions provide me with a canvas for ‘painting with light.’ I connect with nature through a seasonal kaleidoscope of colors and changing natural elements. My hometown, Brandon, offers exceptional beauty. I strive to evoke the almost spiritual emotions that I experience at the time when the image is born.”

Louis’ sense of composition is intuitive and unerring. The interaction between camera and subject is visibly personal. The camera tangibly connects Louis and the natural world of forests, meadows, reflected light and clouds. His imagery welcomes us into that experience

The opening was well received, and a lot of fun!

The town turned out to celebrate and enjoy.

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  1. Lynn Bridge says:

    The colors in that tractor photo are sensational. It looks like a painting or pastel!

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