Aartz West! A new adventure in the arts!

October 11th, 2015
I spent three days painting live at True West Gallery in Santa Fe.

I spent three days painting live at True West Gallery in Santa Fe. It was a ton of fun, because I love sharing what I do, and also some sweet paintings found new homes.

TA DA!!!

Announcing AARTZ WEST!!!

Here’s to freedom, cheers to art.
Here’s to having an excellent adventure
and may the stopping never start.
-Jason Mraz

I  am embarking on a new adventure!
I’m very excited about opening a new creative haven and teaching studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I can share creative processes with children and adults.

Most of you know that I have taught art for many years at every educational level from Kindergarten to Grad school. And many of you also know that I ran my own studio school in Vermont for a decade, and after school programs before that.  I’ve taught many different subjects from Art History, Drawing and Painting, to Clay, Figurative Sculpture, 3D design and lots more.
liza teaching composite

I have a great studio now, but it’s TINY. Far from big enough to teach classes. So I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money so i can get started in the teaching studio.

Here’s the link:
Aartz West Kickstarter

I need YOUR help for this to work! And there are only 29 days left!
• There are some nice rewards for each category of contribution.
• You won’t be charged unless Aartz West meets its goal.

PLEASE JOIN ME! Become a partner in Aartz West!
Thanks! Liza

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