Painting LIVE!

September 24th, 2015

In the photo I am painting at True West Gallery in early June. I’ll be working on that painting again, as well as some others. I’ve had to set it aside for the past few months to work on commissions. I’m eager to get back to work on it!

Everything you want is
just outside your comfort zone.
-Robert Allen.

Standing in a public place working on my paintings all day?

Making decisions, trying them out, then trying something different? With everyone watching???


Art is a conversation. I make a mark,  the painting responds. I hear my muse telling me the next step.  It’s only by listening closely that I get good results.

The question is: will I be able to hear my muse amidst  other conversations?

The pressure is on!

I’ll be at True West Gallery in downtown Santa Fe painting live for the next three days!
It’s right around the corner from the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts at 130 Lincoln Ave, so plan a day in downtown Santa Fe, wander the plaza, have lunch in one of the many lovely restaurants, visit some downtown galleries.  Including True West! I’ll be there until 5pm.

Hope you can stop by.

2 Responses to “Painting LIVE!”

  1. jeanie says:

    Nothing would have made me happier than to stop in and watch you paint! Yesterday I spent a half hour watching a youtube watercolor tutorial, sort of amazed with what came on the screen minute by minute. That was good. Watching a painter live, inch by inch, color by color, is even more remarkable because — as you mentioned — because of all the conversations and distractions. And yet, I suspect you have a lot of interesting interaction and there is something wonderful about being able to share what you love with those who admire it. I hope it was a spectacular experience.

    We’ve one more visit north before we close. Hopefully when we go in a week the color will be beautiful. So far, still green. But still wonderful.

  2. lizamyers says:

    Thanks Jeannie… I love the writings you do about the lake… I’m filled with the scent and sensations of childhood when I read them. Thanks so much for sharing. Painting was good. Good work happened and a few sales too!

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