Boring! vs. Art

December 15th, 2013

People often ask me how long I’ve been an artist…

The answer of course, is FOREVER… but how did it start?


Liza in 3rd grade with Halloween pepper sculpture. Definitely a mixed-media piece!

Liza in 3rd grade with Halloween pepper sculpture. Definitely a mixed-media piece.

 Perhaps it began in the sandpile, or with a box of crayons or clay from the ditch behind the house. Many long summer hours were spent creating dolls from hollyhock blossoms using my grandmother’s pearl-headed hat pin as a head.

Whenever there was a spare moment I was making art in one way or another. The key to happiness was a large selection of art supplies. But even that wasn’t essential. I made collages from leaves, little sculpted houses out of grass clippings, drew with mulberry juice and red dirt.

My room was in the attic- a classic artist’s garret- but not. It was large,  airy (sweltering in the summer) and all mine. I had a drawing board/desk that was always covered with paper, pencils, inks, watercolors, poster paints.

I always flinch when I hear ANYONE use the word “boring”. Especially when it’s coming out of the mouths of children. Someone taught them to use that word. It’s like a brick wall between them and the joy of discovery.

I’ve always felt that being bored was a choice.
A decision to not interact with whatever opportunity  is in front of you.
Or perhaps to not seek out other possibilities.

Woven Word Nest Acrylic on canvas 20" x 16" © liza myers

Woven Word Nest
reproduction on archival canvas
20″ x 16″ © liza myers

(psst… Artists are never bored.)


Another way  to not be bored?
Find all of the MANY quotations entwined in the bluebird’s nest in my original painting Woven Word Nest!  Then read all of the books that the quotes come from!

The original painting was created as a gift to the Brandon Public Library
in Brandon, Vermont.

Is there a reader in your family? What a great Christmas gift for children and adults!

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  1. NanciHersh says:

    I love reading about how you were always creating and never bored. It seems that your creative spirit and love of learning is infused in everything you do and want to share. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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