How to choose a Roommate

August 14th, 2011
Liza Myers Gallery, Shard Nest, Acrylic Painting

Ussi and I with Shard Nest installed in her living room.

Life is change.
Growth is optional.
Choose wisely.

-Karen Kaiser Clark

When you choose an art work, you are choosing a roommate, a life companion. I highly recommend that you choose carefully.

Follow your heart!

Art can be inspiring, soothing, stimulating, energizing. Sometimes it speaks to sorrow, sometimes to joy. Sometimes you just LIKE it for no explicable reason.

Think about how living with the painting or sculpture is going to change your life on a daily basis.

Does the art evoke any of the following feelings when you see it?
a) Are you filled with a sense of wonder?
b) Do you burst into joyful laughter?
c) Are you drawn into a fascinating scenario?

d) Are you energized by the colors or imagery?
e) Does it further the sense of harmony of your living space?
f) Does it give you a sense of calmness?
g) Does it remind you of wonderful places you’ve been?
h) Does it represent experiences that are pivotal in your life?
i) Does it make a connection to friends or family or the world that is meaningful to you?
j) Does it inspire you to an action that is important to you?

Personally I create art for all of the reasons listed above.
It’s a joy when someone sees the work and it speaks to them.
Especially when it speaks to them so strongly that they want it to move in with them. They choose to live with it. They want it to be part of their lives EVERYDAY.

Buying an art work is like picking a life mate.
Except nicer in some ways. It doesn’t leave dirty socks on the bathroom floor. Or forget to take out the compost. (like I do)

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