Promises Kept

March 27th, 2011

Anomaly (Mixed Flock), acrylic on Canvas, 48 ” x 48″ Anomaly (Mixed Flock) refers to an ornithological phenomena. Occasionally different species join together traveling as a group. This can happen during migration, or during foraging.

Real success is finding your lifework
in the work that you love.

-David McCullough

Exploring the mysteries of the natural world through my art has become my life’s work, whether through the language of realism, abstraction or Visionary Realism. Though it can be grueling, exhausting, frustrating and demanding it is work that I love.

‘Promises Kept,’ a current exhibition of my acrylic paintings, clay sculpture, and clay drawings is up at the Feick Art Center located on the campus of Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. I kept a promise to myself, and to each piece of art that I would complete it to the best of my ability.



It’s been quite a push to get it up, especially towards the end. It’s amazing how energized I become in the process. There is never enough time for everything, but it’s sleep that becomes peripheral. 

‘Promises Kept’ refers to several levels of intention:
On each path in life there are forks in the road, decsions to be made. Each direction chosen has the possibility to change everything. Forever. Nothing will be the same once you have moved to the left or right. Everything will be slightly or immensely different. The same holds true in the realm of creative endeavor.
In my work I find that at an undefined moment a threshold is passed, and every action beyond that is a leap of faith, an exploration of the unknown. One of the “promises kept” is to continue into the void in this process. It is a commitment to follow through, to find the answer which is applicable to that particular creative path.
The second “promise kept” is to honor the details of light, shadow and mystery in the natural world, and to share that respect and delight with others through my work.


The show is on display March 18- April 18

Feick Arts Center Hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 10 am-2 pm
Tuesday/Thursday 12- 6 pm

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  1. Robin Kent says:

    Missed the opening…but plan on getting there this Thursday! Looks good!

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