Thinking Differently

January 20th, 2009

WE have to change the way we do things.
The brilliance of Andrew Goldsworthy is that he looks at the same thing that you do, and that I do, and he sees it differently. This is the sort of mind that we need to solve the immense problems that the world is facing. Calm, focused, creative and hard working.

That's why Goldsworthy inspired projects are such a fabulous challenge for students of any age or interest.
These are a few examples of students working on making the world a slightly better place, for one brief moment, through the arts.

Later in the day the flowers had faded, but three hundred students saw dandelions differently.

And tomorrow is a new day.

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2 Responses to “Thinking Differently”

  1. Inspires me to do a spiral of flowers in my back yard…the traffic copters flying to I -4 in Orlando would get a kick out of it too

  2. Liza Myers says:

    It was one of my last days after 18 yrs @ that school- and one of my favs- Kids just kept bringing me dandelions all day. We were all amazed by the process/product.

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