Photographing the photographers: Tad and Louis

January 13th, 2009
Life is all memory, except for the one present moment, which goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going.
Tennesee Williams

Which is why documenting the event is ever so important for an artist.

As artists, our heart, soul and energy are poured into the creative process.
The show goes up. People come; they go. You take the show down.
Did it ever really happen?

 A good photographer is essential for that documentation. Every artist must find a professional photographer who understands lighting  and the subtleties of presentation.
Tad Merrick has been my friend and photographer and my surrogate sibling for as long as I've been in Sudbury. It's great to work with someone who has a sense of humor that matches mine, for better or for worse. Tad is quirky in a way that I find ever so familiar.  He's also the bass player in our band, the Sleeping Dogs. And in real life he's a great photographer.

Last week he and Louis Pattis, another photographer and good friend, came to photograph my show at Gallery in the Field. Louis is an amazing photographer in his own right, and also owns the Brandon Inn. He and his lovely wife Sarah have been a driving force for quality and progress in Brandon for many years as well.
The photo shoot was quite an undertaking.
I was amazed by the complexity of the set-up and the amount of energy and expertise that it took to do the job

It took several hours just to get the lights arranged for the over all shot. Then much of the next day to do individual images of each piece. 3D is more challenging than flat art because you have to decide which angles are important to show, which best represent the art work.
Thanks so much, Tad and Louis!

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