Last post of 2008

December 31st, 2008

Last post of this momentous year.
I have been so very lucky. 365 days of opportunity to do my work and to share that process with students, friends and collectors.
Here is my artists statement from the exhibition at Gallery•in•the•field:
Divas and Wings
Moons and Precipices.

Those things which connect us as humans have always been deeply important to me. Love, hope and fear connect our spirits.  Air, light and gravity connect us globally.
We humans are the energy that interprets and defines that connection.
I further choose to be connected by beauty and to share this through the language of art. It is a pulse within me, an inexorable force. I am drawn to that process and awareness of our oneness, as a moth to the light.
These works were born in the moonlit-flooded nights of many places: desert, forest and mountain.
They are rabout the force of life… how exquisite, fragile blossoms emerge in impossible and unlikely places; how somehow, in the throes of adversity and hardship, we find the strength to sing, the capacity to share, the grace to nurture.

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