The Constancy of Change

December 29th, 2008

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.       
-Charles Darwin.

The planet spins, wheels turn on the highway and the calendar page flutters, hovering on the brink a new year.

Change is constant, change is imminent. The challenge is to choose change. Determine the most useful and constructive change, then enact that choice.

Since the opening at Gallery•in•the•Field on December 6,  I have been immersed in the season. Friends & family; wrapping up classes at CSC and CCV; mailing boxes hither and yon across the country, etc. etc.

Now a wintry sun is about to set on my first quiet day at home in ages. In the past week and a half, our houseful of family has  been inundated with swift and drifting snow, deluged with unseasonal, warm rain, beset with strong winds…  The creek is brimming, perhaps about to flood, but with tonight's bone chilling cold that becomes less likely, and all visitors are home safely.
The forecast is snow and cold through New Years Eve, then sun on the first day of 2009.
My muse is shivering. She is in the process of re-grouping, re-vitalizing projects left bobbing in the wake of the show
, preparing for the next semester, which will have a much better schedule than last. Very promising.

Time now for a cup of tea, and cozy retreat with the cats and my new book: Enclosure, by Goldsworthy. Yay!

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