Down to the Wire!

November 2nd, 2015

The biggest risk is not taking any risk…
In a world that changing really quickly,
the only strategy that is guaranteed
to fail is not taking risks.
-Mark Zuckerberg

Raven Conversation on Barbed Wire

Raven Conversation on Barbed Wire, 24″ x 72″, acrylic on canvas, private collection

We’re almost there!!!   I am filled with gratitude.

We’re down to the wire at 87% with 60 backers!!!

But there are only 7 more days to find that last 13% and reach the Aartz West Kickstarter goal!!! 

I’ve seen the quote “leap and the net will appear” attributed to Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) and John Burroughs (The Art of Seeing Things.) They are both wonderful authors. It doesn’t really matter who said it. What matters is that it’s true! Aartz West has leapt, and the net is appearing!

It was challenging and fun to put the video together by myself. I learned so much, from how to use iMovie (editing clips, balancing sound, equalizing lighting, etc,) how to use my iPhone with a tripod, and how LONG it takes to get it right! The learning curve was steep, but I climbed that mountain. It was pretty fun trying all sorts of different ways to share the information.

Summer Aartz 2015. Leaping into Art!


I’m deeply grateful for all of the pledges that Aartz West has received! It’s astonishing!

Thank you so much!

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  1. Nanci Hersh says:

    I for one am so impressed how you put the whole Kickstarter together- it was a big learning curve as you said, a tremendous amount of work and now you- and soon your students will be reaping the rewards. Congrats!!

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