Hawaiian Artist Pegge Hopper

May 30th, 2015

Makaha Diptych, Acrylic, 36" x 72"

Makaha Diptych, Acrylic, 36″ x 72″

Every step we make can be filled with peace, joy  and serenity.

Thich Nhat Hanh


Fabled romantic, idyllic Hawaii.

I hadn’t seen my son Andrew Russell Towl  in the flesh, for two years. Way to long! A field trip was definitely called for! Thank goodness for air miles! I

My first goal wherever I travel is to immerse myself in the art of the region. Thanks to artist friend Nanci Hersh, who lived in Hawaii for many years, I had the inside scoop on where to go.  The Pegge Hopper Gallery was first on the list.  Pegge is an energetic and fascinating woman, generous of spirit. IMG_5731I enjoyed an easy, lengthy conversation with her about the evolution of her art and gallery, and art on Oahu.



Her works capture the spirit of Hawaii.

Kona Kai acrylic on Canvas 24 x 24Soft glowing landscapes, hazy with sea air. Portraits of languid wahine (women), strong and comfortable with who they are. Their expressions have the enigmatic quality of a Mona Lisa. Are they welcoming or wary, or just sublimely indifferent?

I had my own wahine moments on the beach, always with my sketchbook and pens at hand.

I had my own wahine moments on the beach, always with my sketchbook and pens at hand.








As I began my journey back to the high desert of New Mexico I was delighted to find  two immense paintings by Pegge in the airport, sending me off with a friendly Aloha!IMG_5861


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  1. Nanci Hersh says:

    so glad (with a touch of envy) that you two connected. Would’ve loved to have been there in body as well as spirit. Happy you had a wonderful inspiring heartfelt visit all around- with aloha.

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