The Necessity of Art

April 7th, 2015
yellowthroat I

Yellowthroat, 1′ x 5′, acrylic on board, © 2004 lizamyers

A work of art is good if it has sprung from necessity. 
Rainer Maria Rilke
This fragment of thought from Rilke stopped me cold. I had to evaluate. Does my art come from necessity?

Jackrabbit I

Jackrabbit I, acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 24″ ©2013 lizamyers

Yes. A simple yes.
I need to connect with the details of nature.
The light, the shadows, the nuances and colors.

I need to bring awareness to
The fragility.
The humor.
The inspiration.

Lotus Nest 40" x 60" acrylic on canvas, © liza myers 2015

Lotus Nest 40″ x 60″ acrylic on canvas, © liza myers 2015





The beauty

I find joy, solace, fascination and pizzazz in wildness.
I need to share that.
It’s urgent.
Our connection with nature is endangered, and with it, our very existence.
I need to share that too.

What  is necessary in your artfulness?

2 Responses to “The Necessity of Art”

  1. Nanci Hersh says:

    and we share that together. and I have to say that I love your Jack Rabbit! thanks for sharing that. It makes my heart sing.

  2. Jeannie says:

    At the moment, my necessity is to just make art for me, to feel the magic of making marks again, and leave the emotional jungle of my job. I admire your spirit Liza and your work truly mirrors that spirit.

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