Finding my Art on the River

December 11th, 2014


First night on the river.

First night on the river.

Only when you drink from the river of silence
shall you indeed sing
-Kahlil Gibran


After my last blog post -too many moons ago-  I was immersed completely in the wonderful (but all consuming) Semester in the American Southwest.
Fortunately before the autumnal academic roller coaster began, I was lucky enough to spend a replenishing week with a group of creative river sisters on the Colorado River. Our expedition, led by poet and author Page Lambert was entitled:  A River of One’s Own, the Heroine’s Journey.

The stunning vistas of Cataract Canyon filled me with awe. The river was red, and grew redder.

The featured guest, guide, mentor and friend on our heroine’s quest was NY Actor and Playwright, Ellen McLaughlin. Image
After our adventure she shared the following:
The trip exceeded anything I could have planned for, but then, a heroine must give up all expectations and any sense of control, surrendering to what befalls her. She must trust her instincts and the gifts she has been given.   – Ellen McLaughlin
It’s true. On the turbulent/serene river you must literally ‘go with the flow.’  There’s nothing about the Colorado that you can control. By day there were heart-pounding rapids and balmy floats. And in the evenings we shared cameraderie, song, productive discussions and good creative working time.


First day


From my tent




Emerging into the upper reaches of Lake Powell

As we traveled, I dipped my brush into the muddy waters of the river and sketched in my journal.

The painter Thomas Moran is one of my heroes. He unerringly captures the nourishing sense of calm and beauty of this vast landscape.

Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran

Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran


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