From the studio: What NOT to do (mindfulness)

February 9th, 2014
Darn! Spilled the Self-leveling clear gel!

Darn! Spilled the Self-leveling clear gel!

Mindfulness is a trendy term right now…
But for the best of reasons.
Just thinking of mindfulness I find myself taking a deep breath.
Slowing down. Noticing details. Feeling more calm, more focused.
It was even on the cover of Time Magazine this week.
I believe in it most thoroughly, though I may not always practice it.

For example:
Sometimes I find myself in a hurry and annoyed at the way dried up acrylic fills the screw top grooves on the lids of  the jars and tubes of paint.
So I may not always close them as attentively as I might have were I being mindful…

Black gesso... another darn!

Black gesso… another darn!

As attentively as I  should have

As attentively as I wish I had.

Here are two pathetic (and expensive) examples of that temporary suspension of mindfulness.

Be aware.


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  1. NanciHersh says:

    Such a good reminder! Do you know a way to get the dried paint off of those grooves? I am bad about that….Thank you again for the reminder, yoga on the mat, off the mat- and in the Studio!

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