Abstraction, Serenity and Color in the Quarries

May 8th, 2013
Don Ross at the Jackson Gallery opening in Middlebury, Vermont.

Don Ross at the Jackson Gallery opening in Middlebury, Vermont.
Behind him: Marr and Gordon Quarry, Reflection. 2012. 29 “x 43.5”


I recently saw an exhibit by photographer Don Ross that opened a new world to me.

What more can you ask of art?

Don’s photographs are  powerful, evocative, poetic.
Walking a fine and delicate line between abstraction and stark reality, Don shares an elegance and mystery which made ME see differently.


Rock of Ages Quarry, Abandoned Section 2012 43.5″ x 29″

Industrial debris usually makes me cringe. Scars made by humans mark mountains and litter the landscape around the globe. They are often are irreparable, insensitive and just plain ugly.

Not so in Don’s Quarry series. His work fills the gallery with a haunting geometry, somehow finding serenity and beauty in an industrial landscape. The photos are quite large, with a strong presence.

The way into the future is on a path created by seeing differently:  looking at the same old stuff and putting it together with new insights, new connections, new possibilities. Like Albert Einstein and Andrew Goldsworthy.

We need more artists like Don Ross.

Don Ross Quarry 3

Marr and Gordon Quarry, Detail 201 43.5″ x 29″

If you missed the show at the Jackson Gallery in the Middlebury Town Hall, fear not, you have two more chances.
It will be on display at the Castleton Downtown Gallery  May 15 – June 15. The opening reception is  on May 31 6-8 pm in the Center Street Alley. Free and open to the public.
Or this summer at the Marble Museum in Proctor, Vermont. Check their website for dates.

Or check Don’s website to see more of his ethereal and glowing work.


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