A thousand thanks. (Random Acts of Kindness)

April 17th, 2013

Photo on 2013-04-16 at 09.32While I was in St. Johnsbury taking my show down last month I  lost a very important posession: my journal. I was juggling a salad-to-go and another notebook and didn’t hear it hit the pavement. It’s a moleskine notebook in which I record MANY things- to do lists, affirmations, gratitudes, etc.

It also serves as my wallet with all of the things a wallet might have tucked into the little pocket in the back. I paint the outside to make it truly mine. This one has a white winged dove on the cover. They have beautiful red eyes surrounded by a surprisingly bright blue. I decorated the back with hand cut petroglyph stencils.
I didn’t discover that it was missing until I was 2 hours down the road. I immediately called the places I’d been, to no avail. No one had seen it. I called again in the morning only to discover that there had been 5 inches of snow so it was buried and was likely to be swept into the gutter.

For some reason I didn’t panic, even though it was missing for nearly a week. I suspended my credit cards rather than cancelling. I was sad but not driven crazy.

Then it arrived in the mail in an anonymous bank envelope that could have been sent by anyone. Intact. No name.
No way to thank whoever the kind person was who sent it back to me.
So here is a random thank you, to all those people who choose to perform random acts of kindness and restore our faith in humankind!

And to the very wonderful person who sent my journal back!


2 Responses to “A thousand thanks. (Random Acts of Kindness)”

  1. This just goes to show you that there are still good people out there. What a wonderful ending. Thanks for sharing

  2. WildCherry says:

    The bird flew home! There’s more good people in the workd than we sometimes tend to imagine!