Canyon Road, Santa Fe

December 13th, 2010
Standing at the entry to Gallery 203b Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and
exposing  them to the critic.
Ambrose Bierce, 1842-1914
For an artist, Santa Fe New Mexico is a haven. Art is nurtured, respected and valued in the nooks and crannies of adobe buildings all over this lovely city. Museums and galleries are everywhere, from the central plaza; to the newly renovated, upscale Railyard area; to the winding, narrow alley where burros used to carry firewood, which is now an internationally renowned art center: Canyon Road.
Wandering up Canyon Road is an art lover’s dream. Sculpture is everywhere, indoors and out, lining the adobe-walled courtyards and lawns. Contemporary, clever, traditional, abstract, elegant, kinetic, stone, bronze, marble, clay… every style and medium and aesthetic intention  imaginable. Paintings beckon from the windows of galleries in every style and palette from cutting edge contemporary to the most traditional. It’s all there.

As Ambrose Bierce puts it, I’ve been protecting flat surfaces from the weather for a long time. I’ve been making shapes with clay and subjecting them to fire since I was a small child. For a couple of decades I’ve been taking them to galleries and shows and art fairs. That’s been quite satisfying.
But the mecca for me, the grail of my own little art world since my first stroll through there many years ago, has been to have my work in a gallery on Canyon Road.
And now, to my great astonishment and delight, I do.
Gallery 203b, first door on the north side of the road as you head east from Paseo de Peralta has invited me to exhibit both paintings and sculpture with them. Currently they have five paintings. I’ll be delivering clay work in January.

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  1. I love Santa Fe. Congrats on the gallery representation there! I also love the galleries downtown in Santa Fe. Did you happen to visit any of them?

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