Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

April 10th, 2010

I am learning all the time.
The tombstone will be my diploma
-Eartha Kitt

So wanna come hang out in my studio for a week and make art?

These kids did.  And for some reason they keep coming back! Even when they’ve grown up. I am continually amazed when the workshops fill up with creative, eager faces. I’m lucky every day, but particularly on these days, when the wild, creative rumpus begins in the Granary, where my studio has been for the last three years.

Watching their faces while they are making their own art is so much fun. Uncertainty, satisfaction and surprise all appear.
Growth is visible and exciting. The concentration and passion they invest in their work is tangible.
Try it for yourself! Sign up for a workshop somewhere nearby, or make it an excuse for an adventure! Paint fields of lavender in Provence, or vivid tropical seascapes on St. John. Carry your sketchbook into your garden or down the block to sketch, draw or paint.

In this session the kids worked with paint in a variety of ways, both watercolor and acrylic, and also worked with combed and stamped paste papers. It was my first time doing that too, so it truly was a learning experience for all.

Eartha Kitt would love it. We crank the tunes and make art.

Now I am eager for an immersion into color.
Both on the canvas, and in the world. Spring is just barely beginning to awaken in Vermont. I know the azaleas and cherries are blooming a few hours south of here, but we still have snow in the shadows in our woodland home.
Spring travels north 16 miles a day.

6 Responses to “Let the Wild Rumpus Begin”

  1. Lynn Bridge says:

    Hey, I first read the original post, then I read the rumpus post. It sounds like an exciting studio and I wouldn’t mind being a kid in it! Your re-written blog is terribly inviting.

  2. lizamyers says:

    Thanks Lynn! You are my first comment on this new blog.

  3. Meg Mitchell says:

    Your classes do sound like lots of fun. Kids in a candy store. And I love the quote by Eartha Kitt. What a wonderful way to start a blog.

  4. Kadira says:

    I agree with lynn – this post is way more engaging your studio sounds like a much more exciting place to be than in your first post. I’d drop in if I lived near by.

  5. lizamyers says:

    Thanks all!

  6. This post does make me want to sign up for a workshop and paint, paint, paint!

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