Perseverance and Process

April 23rd, 2009

So very much has been consuming my energies for the last few weeks I have been sadly neglectful of this blog. A wonderful Kidz Aartz group spent a week with me making clay wind chimes & pins and acrylic paintings.

I've been working on the new website, which is COMING ALONG FABULOUSLY.
Writing a few proposals;

dealing with finishing up a round of commissions etc. etc.etc.
Finally have been able to allow myself a respite of color and canvas.
The Aegean Moon image is a long overdue project, that I'm very happy with. The creative process has allowed me to delve into memories of a fabulous experience in Greece a few years ago.
 The painting is still unfinished, but most compositional aspects have been dealt with. The moon is now about a third of it's size in this painting, and I'm working on light and shadow…the drama of it all. the beach pebbles are much more colorful and ocean foam more believable. Celestial stage lighting.

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