Paying attention… out of the corner of my eye…

March 6th, 2009

Clay is about texture.

Have been watching my clay texture scraps while working on the sculpture commissions. They are all slightly different in expression and gesture. The feet are fun to do too. There is always a new quality to enjoy. Trying to look at things differently and see a new solution or harmony is always the challenge. Looking at it out of the corner of my eye gives a new perspective.

I started thinking about combining the scraps with quality beads and silver, after painting them in interestingly layered acrylic color. I'm having some fun and interesting results.
But now it's time to get back to sculpture.

Several commissions that need finishing, both 2 and 3 dimensional.
Gotta get to work.

Decided that I should add the acrylic commission that I'm working on too. It's getting closer. I've posted progress previously.It is a triptych.

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