Vast and wild as it is…

September 11th, 2008

The sea, vast and wild as it is, bears thus the waste and wrecks of human art to its remotest shore. There is no telling what it may not vomit up.

  – Henry David Thoreau; Cape Cod

Tomorrow after teaching I head to Cape Cod to an opening at the Cape Cod Artist's Association in Barnstable. It's a show entitled "All New England." There will be two of my paintings hanging there: Moontide and Beach Treasures: Killdeer Nest. Jim is coming with me this time and it will be lovely to have a weekend to walk on the beach, eat good food,  kayak in some sea marshes and work a little too. We'll be seeing what the sea vomits up as well.

One of my very early posts, almost at the very beginning of the blog was a Cape Cod adventure, when I was jurying for shows down thattaway.

Classes are going well, now that everything is actually on track. Tricky going going from one campus to another (CCV and Castleton- 12? miles apart) but the on line system for communication is through the same state system so that works well..

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