Defying gravity

August 16th, 2008

You could not liberate a stone if there were no law of gravity —

for where will the stone go, once it is quarried?”

 - Antoine de Ste. Exupery

One wonders if this pace will continue to intensify.
Gravity is useful. Gravity is a starting point.
Dreams of flight; liberation and defiance. Defiance only in the sense of self acknowledgement.
One's own needs. Honoring one's own decisions and values.
Emerging from the restriction of imposed limitations.
The last two weeks of class have been all absorbing. 
My inner quarry has been scraped to raw bedrock this summer; to the core, but now in the fullness of the August moon, it is once again restored. I am somehow ready, I think, (she says hesitantly) to regroup, gather the necessary items, and recommence.
Defying gravity also refers to the new sculptural goals. Fiberglass has super powers. Wonder woman must have used it! It can defy the pull of the earth's core and soar into the heavens.
With a good ventilation mask and an able hand.

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