Barcelona or Bust

May 4th, 2008

Finished Calla Luna… my contribution to this year's Brandon Artists Guild project. A 21" square box which I upended into a cube so now it is about 70" tall. It's covered with calla lilies and luna moths in a magical moonlit vista, and is free standing thanks to the help of my friend Dick Kirby who is a magician with metal.

Now to prepare for Barcelona and Farrera.
a two week residency in the Pyrenees with a few days in Barcelona before. I am thrilled and terrified….

Getting out the door is always grueling and intense… These weeks have been so packed with deadlines and expectations I can hardly contemplate a time where there is time to contemplate. Gathering tools and reference imagery so that I can actually work while I am there adds another level of complexity.
There won't be any running to the store for supplies.
I won't have a vehicle and the Centro d'Art i Natura is very isolated.

Gotta get it right the first time.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!Ohh my goodness you continually amaze with with your wonderful imagination. Your box is so magical ~ I adore it!KathyFantasy Art Woman|Beautiful Women Goddess Art

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