Uncommon Views, Photos by Pete Myers

February 18th, 2008

The first law of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts.

– Aldo Leopold

We're about to have a fabulous event at the gallery.

    The first-ever exhibition of photography by JP (Pete) Myers, renowned environmental scientist and highly published photographer. Pete will be at the opening from 5-7 on February 29th.
    Myers' photographs of the natural world have been published in such highly respected journals as Smithsonian Magazine, Audubon Magazine and Natural History. Birds, insects, flowers and dewdrops all shimmer with life. Through his camera lens we have an insightful, exquisite and intimate view of nature. 

I think Aldo Leopold would see his work as a celebration of "all the parts."
    His bio is as stunning as his photos.
Here are just a few tidbits:
    Pete is founder, CEO and chief scientist of Environmental Health Sciences which publishes EnvironmentalHealthNews.org DailyClimate.org and OurStolenFuture.org. In 1996 he co-authored Our Stolen Future, a book that helped revolutionize the science of environmental health.
    Pete's photos will be available at the gallery on an on-going basis, but to meet the artist, join us on Feb 29!
    I have to admit I am inflicted with acute lens-envy when I see the amazing photos that Pete produces. Lens-envy and an overwhelming appreciation of the complexity and beauty of the biosphere.
    I also must add that Pete is one of my four amazing scientist brothers.
    In my sibling group there are four PhD's and two women. : )
    The women are artists… myself with a pigment and a brush or clay, my sister with magnificent gardens. All of my brothers take great photos, many of which can be seen at the University of Michigan's Animal Diversity website, which was initiated by my eldest brother Phil Myers, long ago when the web was young. There you can find photos by Phil, Pete and Roger Myers.

They also celebrate "all the parts."

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