Art in the Snow January 2008

January 28th, 2008

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

  – Claude Monet

This is the fourth year of Brandon's Art in the Snow, an event which began as a promotion by the local B&B's and Inns, and has now morphed into a very successful celebration of the arts in our town. This time of year is pretty cold and inactive in Brandon. We're little bit too far from the ski areas to be the first choice of places to stay, and the summer tourism spots are frozen over and buried under ice and snow.
For the first two years the event was…uneventful.
There were only 5 or 6 artists participating, and the elements conspired against us- there was no snow, or it was bitterly cold. Then master organizer, and fabulous fabric artist Judy Reilly took over! She and her band of merry volunteers organized the artist troops, the merchants, the town… This year 14 artists opened their studios or demonstrated in a public venue. More than 100 people traipsed through the Granary. There were surprisingly good sales of art all over town.

Restaurants and shops all had terrific, fun specials, reporting record attendance. Monet's Haddock on the left was featured by Sully's aka Patricia's Restaurant. Many new faces wandered around town attending the artist's demos in their studio, buying art, shopping in local stores and eating great food in our wonderful restaurants. Another win all around.

I have been waiting to get some photos of the wonderful special foods that were prepared before posting, but I'll just add them as soon as  possible

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  1. Liza Myers says:

    Finally added the photos… Isn't it pretty? Edible orchids, an arrangement of lovely greens, lemons and scallions with a delicately seasoned haddock "bridge." It was delicious too!

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