In my journal... some Grand Canyon campsite visitors.

In my journal… some Grand Canyon campsite visitors.

My first magpie sketch 12" x 18"

My first magpie sketch 12″ x 18

We worked with a great deal of rigor. We worked six days a week, at least six hours every day. We did not perform much at all. It was really about the experience of learning and exploring and growing. -Twyla Tharp

Daily paintings are about diligence. Webster defines diligence as: Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort; assiduity. It’s about showing up and getting the job done every day, or at least 6 days a week

watercolor and watercolor pencil


IĀ  thought I’d jump on board the daily painter wagon with a series of drawing of ravens in a variety of media. They are studies for paintings that I’m working on, and I learn from each one I do.

Each ravenĀ  has a different personality and a different sheen to its feathers. It is amazing how much color there is… Black is definitely not black. Purple, green, turquoise… many shades of subtle color make up the iridescence.

Ravens are smart, social, unique birds. They enter into the traditional religious beliefs of many nations all over the world.

I’ll keep adding to the slide show. They’re just studies, not finished works.

In my journal... some Grand Canyon campsite visitors.