From the studio: Simple solutions

April 2nd, 2014
Jumble of half used paint tubes.

Jumble of half used paint tubes.

Let’s face it.

Paint is expensive. Whether you’re using watercolor, oil, acrylic or gouache… or whatever might be your medium of choice, every artist wants to squeeze the very last drop from each tube.

Color is not something you want to waste.

For years I struggled with pesky paint tubes trying to squeeze out the last smear of color.

Tubes of paint squeezed with a paint tube wringer.

Tubes of paint squeezed with a paint tube wringer.

I used to cut the bottom edge off, slice up the side. Then I’d scrape out the inside with a palette knife. That probably wasn’t very a smart technique when working with the lead tubes that paint used to come in.

Then I found this simple solution.

It’s like a toothpaste tube squeezer but much more sturdy.  Mine is plastic and has lasted for years and years, but they also come in metal.

You can find them on Amazon or at Dick Blick.

When they've been through the wringer there isn't much left.

When they’ve been through the wringer there isn’t much left.

Does anyone out there have a solution for scraping the last bit of paint out of the big plastic jars? I use a rubber baking scraper but perhaps there is a better way.

Happy painting!


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  1. NanciHersh says:

    My squeezer is orange. Used that thing to death. Just found this great new acrylic in a squeeze bottle- like a mustard bottle… Lukas Studio- made in Germany. Started with 3 colors, really like the thinner consistency and ease of squeezing it out. Am going back for more colors. oo la la! Thanks LIza, love your info packed posts.

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