Art is ALWAYS the destination: the Brandywine Museum

July 12th, 2010

Not all those who wander are lost.
JRR Tolkein

ART is always my destination.

Enroute to a wedding celebration, we traveled down the eastern edge of this continent this weekend.
Saturday was spent almost entirely on a pilgrimage to the Brandywine Museum: the home, studio and museum of NC and Andrew Wyeth. What a dynamically creative family. From NC’s Treasure Island and Andrew’s Snow Hill, to Jamie’s Pig,  the subtlety, mystery,  mastery and productivity of three generations of creation is astonishing.

We took the studio and house tour. It was far shorter than I had hoped but quite

This is from a scanned postcard. No photos are allowed inside these hallowed walls.

fascinating. Being within the walls of the building where so much art was created was quite energizing. They lived and breathed art. Full focus.

An intriguing challenge was trying to match the many artifacts arranged around the studio with paintings. Which sword did NC use as reference for Treasure Island? Glass bottles and other objects looked familiar… Undoubtedly because I’ve seen them in a painting.

I’m now reading a great bio on Andrew Wyeth- A Secret Life by Richard Meryman. Richly written and quite fascinating. I highly recommend it.

3 Responses to “Art is ALWAYS the destination: the Brandywine Museum”

  1. Kadira says:

    Ive always admired Andrew Wyeth – what an art studio to die for !!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Philip Koch says:

    I visited N.C. Wyeth’s studio last year. Actually it seemed a bit dark and spooky, though I don’t feel that way at all about N.C.’s amazing oil paintings. My wife for years argued with me about whether N.C. or Andrew was the more interesting painter, with me holding out for Andrew. Gradually though I’ve come around to her point of view.

    • lizamyers says:

      It was a bright and glorious day when we were there so it didn’t seem at all spooky. There were some very interesting paintings in the musuem of Andrew’s that I hadn’t seen before- the merry go round with characters from his paintings. Did you tour the house? I bought Andrew’s bio afterwards. A great read.

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