December 12th, 2008

Work while you have the light.
You are responsible for the talent
that has been entrusted to you.

-Henri Frederic Amiel

The light is literal, and metaphorical. We can wait for moments or eons.

It has been quite an intense journey/labor of love getting the work to this point, but for some reason I've keep stretching out for the goal. Firing and re-firing kilns, mixing colors, trimming sponges and brushes, Adjusting and readjusting lights in the wee hours for accuracy. Sleeplessness. Life swirling around me in its normal tidal surge.
The absurdity of it does make one wonder about why artists do what they do. What is the passion/tenacity that makes me forgo sleep/normalcy/food/comfort to get the job done.

These are a few images from the show at

A very fun part was doing the drawings. Texture and color and luminescence thanks to interference colors, which radiate off the walls.
GITF overview:blog
I am pleased with the installation of the show. The space is SO BEAUTIFUL. Warm, beautifully patterned  floors and a soaring ceiling. There is a bit of danger. Precarious art is always alarming. The vessel drawings are new, and satisfying.  A very nice surprise return to a familiar technique. Carved slab vessels. Nothing technically new, but like speaking French after years of not even thinking about it. The poetry and synapses and grammar are all there waiting to be aligned and burst into song. Diva of the eclipse II  Stoneware, painted with acrylic pant

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2 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Amy Evans says:

    I am enjoying your new to all this stuff. And love your work.

  2. Liza Myers says:

    Thanks Amy. We're all new actually if you think about it! This stuff is an adventure in cyberspace.

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