INKonPAPER: Fran Bull @ Liza Myers Gallery

November 22nd, 2008

The gallery was packed with people last Saturday night. Shoulder to shoulder chatting and sipping wine and totally fascinated by Fran Bull's drawings which are displayed in two of the gallery rooms at the Liza Myers Gallery. These are astonishing explorations and revelations in ink. Fran gave a brief talk and answered questions about her creative process and technique. The works are very personal. There was an air of celebration; of the art work, and of the gathering of interested and interesting onlookers. And quite a few sales.
We had accomplished our goal of creating the new gallery room, transforming the back framing space into a new display space with great new lights and perfectly finished walls. This of course, came to actual fruition MOMENTS before the opening after weeks of intense labor. The floor still needs attention, but Fran's work, and a display of mine make it a new place to gather.

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