One who wanders…

October 6th, 2008
All who wander are not lost… Tolkein

I find I can spend far too much time just wandering on the web, just as I used to get lost in the stacks in the library.
It's like the "yellow car" curse on people with ADD… far to easy to be distracted.

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4 Responses to “One who wanders…”

  1. Loracdog says:

    My favorite way to procrastinate. I think, though, that library stacks are more satisfying, and my theory is that when one uses more of one's body to wander, there is a more satsifying release. Therefore, it is possible to reach a more natural end, so to speak, and to stop, books teeming in one's arms like unwieldy half wild things, each baring edges like teeth, or promising to tell a joke with a quote or anecdote on the back cover. The internet, however, pulls one out of one's body, and I find I'm almost always less focused than when I started. By the way an ADHD diagnosis for me was an offshoot to testing my son when he was little and I occasionally find the definitions useful Not for too many reasons besides a short cut to describing certain behaviors, weaknesses, strengths, challenges, in short, my humanity!

  2. Orlando says:

    I live distracted. Since 1989, when I first used the internet before the World Wide Web Explosion I have been distracted by the Internet. I Gophered, and Jugheaded my way around the net with a monochrome green screen computer whereas today I use a flat screen, wireless keyboard Googling my way across multiple vistas of new horizons and I still get distracted by it all. Hooray for distractions.

  3. liza myers says:

    Distractions are great, except when I'm on a mission! And my mission is a show at http://www.galleryinthefield opening Dec. 6th…

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