Bellevue Artsfair Review

August 2nd, 2008
 Mahatma Ghandi    The only tyrant I accept in this world is the 'still, small voice' within me.

Thank goodness for that still, small voice that keeps me going when REASON says to just go take a nap.
Bellevue Artsfair was a beautiful show, but exhausting.
Of course, I started out exhausted after weeks of teaching and intensive prep for the show, and organizing and preparing for a Germond family gathering two days before leaving. Arriving stressed out and a day late after three hours of sleep in Chicago due to United Airline crew cut backs didn't help much either.

Whine Whine WHINE!

The effort was worth it. It's astonishing what you can do with a parking garage when you have amazing fine art and exquisite crafts to fill it with. The show was gorgeous and the best thing about it was working with my handsome, calm son Andrew Russell Towl, who rallied to the challenge and with astonishing effort and focus helped me create a booth from Emily Boirum's chain link kennel. We ran around all over the Seattle/Bellevue/Lynnwood area gathering

components- lighting, fabric, rugs, stretcher bars, archival sealant for the giclées etc. I re-stretched the large canvases that Coliene and Jim had sent out rolled up, and stretched more than a dozen of the new giclées on canvas. It was a Herculean effort and a huge success in many ways. Sales were down fair-wide for the most part from what I heard from the few people  with whom I was able to speak. Show hours were 9:30 am-9:30 pm: grueling. Despite the fact that it is a very user friendly show with booth sitters, and meals provided it's hard to take a break.

A terrific abstract painter, Chris Shreve and a luminous pastel artist, Sheila Evans, both across the aisle from me were doing fabulously.
Hurrah for an artist's financial success in difficult economic times!
All in all, I was extremely pleased with the event.

Sadly, I  had not scheduled any extra days around the show to go to galleries and just enjoy being there, but my sister Magi Treece & family came and visited the show on Sunday, and on Monday afternoon we were able to visit my brother Roger Myers & his lovely wife Trudi at their home in Woodinville, just a wine cork's toss to the east. (and across the lusciously green valley from the St. Michelle Winery)
I've been back from the west coast for a few days now…
The air is so different there. Looming mountains; moist air with different scents.
There were a few glimpses of the Cascades and Mount Rainier, hovering regally in the distance.

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4 Responses to “Bellevue Artsfair Review”

  1. Your booth looks classy and filled with excellent art. I liked reading about the show. Was it really in a parking garage?

  2. Liza Myers says:

    Yes it's an amazing transformation… from dark concrete walls with grease spots on the floor and horrible blue tube lights to an elegant, diverse gallery full of intriguing and beautiful things.

  3. onlyhuman says:

    Hey Mom, it was a good show and a fund trip despite the lack of time to truly visit. I hope settling back in goes well.

  4. Liza Myers says:

    Without your help, and Emily's it would never have come out as well as it did. Thank you!!!!

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