Gettin’ ‘er done

July 8th, 2008

It has been beyond busy.
I can't believe it's been more than a month since I blogged. Better to quickly post up a quick update than to lapse for so very long.
After mailing my work off to the Gopalan Gallery  show in Terre Haute IN, I started Summer Aartz 2008 in my studio, working with kids making art of all sorts: paste paper journals; "thinking outside the box" costumes for Brandon's
Fourth of July parade

& puzzle pieces of the Vermont Arts Council's Art Fits project. An intense day 9am-4pm.
In the middle of Summer Aartz I was part of this year's Brandon WCAX tv ad. I'll post the url as soon as they are done the editing. Here is last year's:
That's Warren Kimble's voice telling us about all about his beloved Brandon.
July 5th was a banner day: marching in Vermont's largest 4rth of July parade; going to my opening at the Dorset Theater, and being a girl dog/dog diva for the band- the Sleeping Dogs- for a retirement party at Spring Lake Ranch.
Also my websites

are finally recombined, although it's not done… Links don't work well between the two combined sites, but they will soon. One step at a time.
NOT TO MENTION that I've been fiendishly working on new work for the Bellevue Artsfair in Washington State.
I don't know if I'll bring Dawn Nest with me. It's pretty large for cross country shipping: 12" x 60" but I made it with either Dorset or Bellevue in mind. It has changed already since this photo… scrawled patterns on the eggs and darker shadows in the blossoms. It's so pretty that it doesn't work yet. Not enough mystery and challenge.

Just checked to see if the Art Access publication had been uploaded yet, and it has. You can find me at:

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