Centre d’Art i Natura

May 21st, 2008

"Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu'un long discours"
– Napolean Bonaparte

Or : A picture is definitely worth a thousand words,
as the proverb goes.

I think I'm in heaven.
Or very close anyway
Even though it has rained daily since I got here, it is stunningly beautiful no matter where I look…  abundant forests in vibrant spring-green colors punctuated by dark evergreens;  tiny towns perched on distant hilltops; stone buildings clinging (for centuries) to the mountainside; distant snow capped peaks occasionally emerging from cloud cover; thick mist/fog/clouds rising up from the valley to engulf the village where I am staying.
The Centre has been a refuge for artists for a decade, with more than 1200 residents during that time, among them, Robert Bateman. I'm so glad to be here!
Much to be done.

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