Marlboro Arts Spring 2008

March 20th, 2008

The Paradise City Arts show at Marlboro was beautiful. A fascinating collection of beautiful work in every medium. I was so pleased to be included. The clientele was very appreciative of the quality, originality and diversity of the art as well.
I had put off making new covers for my booth grids, and then had trouble finding enough fabric. Thank goodness two knowledgeable friends helped me organize the sewing project and sewed and pinned many yards of the 47 that had to be assembled! Thanks so much to Karen Schneider and her friend Diane… It would have been an all nighter instead of a home at 3 am morning.
Then it was off to set up the show, and be there for the next 3 days…
An excellent time, in an excellent location, meeting excellent artists. Great response to the work as well.
Then, after arriving home in Vermont on Sunday evening late, I discovered on Monday morning that I was leaving for New Mexico that afternoon instead of Tuesday as I had thought. Forget unpacking!
Catch the plane!

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