Aegean Moon

August 19th, 2007

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.– Albert Einstein
This has been a summer of mysteries…
Full moon over Toledo; reconnection with old friends; the scent of wedding lilies; laughter, joy and elegance.

Night sky over northern Michigan; the pungence of the pines and balmy air of childhood. The first meeting of six siblings in 15 years. It was worth the 28 hour round trip drive.

Cascading meteorites over Sudbury, Vermont; fresh mown lawn and garden tomatoes.

The moon shimmering beyond the olive groves on the Aegean and Libyan Sea; jagged bones of the earth towering over a collapsed caldera. Dancing from moon rise to sunrise… the pulse of the music redefining the tranquility of Mediterranean night

All very comprehensible scientifically, but throw in the innocence and passion of love; the deep connection of family, the exhilerating and liberating freedom of new horizons; the thoughtful contemplation of ancient cultures…

Two weddings and a funeral this summer…
Celebrations of life the future and the past.
This has been a season of journeying. Not conducive to meditative work, for which I am hungering. My head is overloaded with sensory input.

But there has also been good progress on the art front.
To create one's own world in any arts takes courage.
                                                – Georgia O'Keefe

Shard Nest is Finally Finished…
It's been quite a while in the making- from the darkness of winter to the fullness of summer. 4'x5' is not that big, but Bird Dog and many other smaller works have happened along the way as well.

Bird Dog's companion is a canyon wren.

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