Careening corvids

June 15th, 2007

Control the dream by making choices.

                 ::: Don  Miguel Ruiz :::

 This is a time of careening corvids, spinning crows, raucous ravens… the shrill call of jays as they squabble over stolen morsels…

Midsummer night… a time for sensuality and mischief. The air is full of sweet scented things…

Peonies are opening, irises are delicately fragrant…
Vermont emerges from brief spring into summer.  The garden is leaping into the air: broccoli and brussels sprouts, peas and beans, cucumbers and abundant winter squash.. Lettuces and greens, all so brilliant and rich in color in texture. The woodchucks like it too.

I trudge on with painting, finally back on track after my own careening around the east… hurtling from Vermont to Virginia to Maryland to Boston to Vermont a few weeks ago, and this week just back from an astonishing reunion of my siblings, 14 hours drive from here in northern Michigan.. The six of us in one space for the first time in 15 years, plus my wonderful uncle, and two nieces and a nephew. Too much fun, and oh so interesting.
I want college credit for my weekend with five PhD's.

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