April 18th, 2007

Art is about transformation. – Christo
Preparing for my intro to studio class @ Castleton, I just previewed a video about Christo wrapping the Pont Neuf in the early 80's. So interesting to read about his early development, and the political process he had to go through to bring his dream to fruition.  Darned handy to have a father-in-law who is a General and a cohort of De Gaulle. Privileged connections help. Money too. But there is no denying his original, vibrant talent. Such sensitivity in the work, which his wife refers to as "roman detectif"… I don't know if that's spelled correctly, but she refers to his portrait work dismissively as "police novels." Entertainment.

Informative to follow his tenacious, dynamic development through the years. The passion it took to persevere is impressive, but he always has a little coyote smile on his face in the video. A lucky man, who knows how lucky he is to be able to pursue his passion. The triumphant trickster.

Transformation… to change, to alter, to reinvent…
On-line dictionary definitions of the word are quite dry and uninteresting…
To me the word connotes magic. Cinderella and the magic beanstalk… wait… she was the pumpkin chick.

Here I am two years ago standing beneath his Central Park Gates walk way in an unexpectedly matching jacket. I should always try to wear clothing that matches the art I am about to experience.

Today I would have worn clothes the color of mud, sticks and the strange hues of epoxy and fiberglass that I'm using on Bird Dog. I am transforming the fiberglass shape that was delivered to me into a real dog. Just like Pinochio. Maybe that should be his name… No, Bird Dog works well.

The stick isn't very obvious in this photo: clutched in his jaw, with the lips slightly pouched out. Now there is a bird perched on the nest, which is on the stick.

No more additions, other than color. Enough is enough, because it actually is ENOUGH. Is that somewhat like a rose is a rose is a rose?

I am intrigued by the possibilities of the medium of fiberglass… Additive, yet adaptable and workable; extremely durable in all sorts of weather. Unlike my clay pieces which are sparring like glaciers in the flowerbeds. The lower fired ones. The higher fired ones are intact.

However, I must invest in a good vapor barrier mask. The particulate mask is good, but inadequate. Something like what Darth Vader wore might be effective.
But can I sing with it on?

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